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Impenjati Butterflies
Though Impenjati Butterflies breeds it's own butterflies for export, it also exports the production of other butterfly breeders within the local community. These breeders each an individual entrepreneur providing his or her own capital, have chosen Impenjati Butterflies to market their butterflies for them. Today, when purchasing products from the Impenjati Butterflies, one supports the livelihood of numerous people. Many of them from the previously disadvantaged community.

In conjunction with a highly qualified breeder, we have butterflies available as dried (papered) material. All these butterflies are bred in capivity, ex-pupa and are in A-1 condition. They are not wild caught, and are shipped individually wrapped in triangular glassine envelopes.


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Terms and Conditions :-

The availability of any species is dependent on the species seasonal pattern of occurrence. Sometimes we cannot provide the species variety or numbers required. We will inform the customers and provide an update of available pupae before shipping.

We are sorry but the Impenjati Butterflies cannot ensure the quality of our pupae at the customer's premises more than 14 days from our shipment date.

The customer is to provide the Impenjati Butterflies with their import permit, from their respective countries. Customers in the USA must provide a copy of their US Department of Agriculture import permit. Similarly customers in Canada require an import license issued by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

All our butterfly pupae, and dead butterfly specimens are shipped with a copy of an export permit, a copy of the import permit from the country of destination where necessary, as well as a CITIES permit.

Please Note : All permits, Insurance and Shipping charges are for the account of the customer.

For more information contact us at the following address: 

Impenjati Butterflies
P.O. Box 14854, 
Palm Beach, 
KZN  - South Africa

Telephone :- 

+27 082 293 6244 
+27 082 210 4210

e-mail :- hcnhm "at" 

      (Please replace"at"with @ when sending e-mail)

Our customers are very valuable to us and we thank you for your past support


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