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Impenjati Butterflies

Conservation - Education - Preservation

cloudsImpenjati Butterflies is located in; Palm Beach, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Impenjati Butterflies breed and export South African butterflies. The breeding of butterflies for public viewing in buttefly gardens has become a serious activity.

The breeding of butterflies is still a recent concept in South Africa. In recent years there has been a trend towards helping, to the extent possible those threatened and endangered insects, especially butterflies and moths. This is despite the fact that our understanding of the causes for the decline in certain insect populations is very limited. For some insects there is an obvious lack of precious food plants or other specialized habitat. But for others it is still an unsolved mystery.

When purchasing butterflies from us you can be assured that the butterfly products that you receive  will  be of the, "Highest Quality", and not "Wild Caught".

Impenjati Butterflies, is not associated with any "Butterfly", or "Lepidoptera", organization other than the, "Lepidopterists Society of Africa", of which we are proud members. We are also members of the Impenjati/Trafalgar and San Lameer Conservancies.

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